Steller's Sea Eagle
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First Symposium on Steller's and White-tailed Sea Eagles in East Asia Ueta, M. & McGrady, M.J. (eds), 2000 Wild Bird Society of Japan, Tokyo.

Potapov, E., I. Utekhina, & M.J. McGrady. Steller's Sea Eagle in Magadan District and in the North of Khabarovsk District. Pp. 29-44. (372KB)

Potapov, E., I. Utekhina, & M.J. McGrady. Habitat preferences and factors affecting population density and breeding rate of Steller's Sea Eagle on Northern Okhotia. Pp. 59-70. (31KB)

Utekhina, I., E. Potapov, & M.J. McGrady. Diet of the Steller's Sea Eagle in the Northern Sea of Okhotsk. Pp. 71-82. (40KB)

Michael J. McGrady, Mutsuyuki Ueta, Eugene Potapov, Irina Utekhina, Vladimir B. Masterov, Mark Fuller, William S. Seegar, Alexander Ladygin, Eugene G. Lobkov, and Vladimir B. Zykov Migration and wintering of juvenile and immature Steller's Sea Eagles. Pp. 83-90. (36KB)

The full text of the Proceedings you can find here..